Monday, January 17, 2005

House Cleaning

I know it's been awhile (over a month ago) since I last posted, but I've come in and done some house cleaning. I've deleted entries that had to deal with off-season Mavs transactions, pre-season football, etc... Basically old news entries. Hopefully you all can forgive me for neglecting my blog duties, but we still don't have a working computer at home. It's hard-found time at work that I actually get to write (as evidenced by the sparse writing). By all means, however, go back and read some of your favorites, give me feedback, and maybe it will fuel the creative fire. Also remember, when leaving comments, I am fair game to be the butt of jokes (which is pretty easy to do when I write), but play nice with the other readers. If you're new, the most positive feedback I've received has been for: Roast Anyone?: Part II, Want Kids? Be Prepared, A Brief Look at Gym Rats, Cool As Ice, and Good Ol' Days.