Sunday, July 11, 2004

Throw the Single Dog a Bone.

I was out last night with a few friends, and somehow we brought about the subject of “pick-up lines”. So I asked: What, exactly, is an acceptable line? I got the whole “as long as it’s sincere” answer. I then gave numerous examples of what I believed to be “sincere” approaches. PULL!!!-**BANG-BANG**- Shot down. So what is a single man to do? (SIDENOTE: I already got the hookup, I’m asking for all you single guys who are afraid to ask.) Apparently, anything perceived by men to be a perfectly harmless “ice breaker” is perceived by women to be an insincere “pick-up line”. I even got this answer, “I don’t come to the bar to pick up guys. I come here to have a good time with my friends.” To that I said, “What if you’re having a good time with your friends. I’m here with my friends, but because of some sort of lull in my group, I happen to hear a good time had by all at your table. I’m an assertive guy who likes to have a good time, so I approach your table, not to pick up on anyone (yet), but to share in your good time. I’d probably use the same sort of 'ice-breaker' line in that situation that I would in introducing myself to a woman.” By the way… how sincere can a total stranger be? How would it go over if I was a single man, saw a girl at the bar, and approached her with, “I saw you over here, and I think you’re totally hot. I’d really like to get to know you in hopes that it leads to sex”? That, my friends, would be total sincerity, but I don’t think it would get me much further than that. I could be totally wrong. I don’t know. I’ve been out of the game for almost 8 years now, so what do I know? For all I know “how YOU doin’?” actually works. I just had a 10 minute interruption compliments of my sons. I lost my steam, and totally forgot where I was going with this entry. I guess you can go ahead and tell your stories (anonymously, of course) of the best / worst pick-up lines that you’ve ever given / received. Sure. That sounds like it has the potential for fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a few.
"I'm trying to get my friend over there to stay in Texas. Can you think of any reason he should stay in Texas, not counting a beautiful woman like you."

"Can I have my breath back?"

At the grocery store I asked this guy if he could "check me out here" and he said - "sure, you have a nice ass and great hair - can I have your number"

On a side note - I love pick up lines. They provide entertainment for what could be a seemly terrible evening.

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