Friday, July 16, 2004

My Friend's Blog

I've some friends who've recently started their own blogs.  Apparently it's one of those, "Hell if idiot-stick Pasion can do it..."  situations.  One of these beautiful people rode my ass about how tenacious I was in my pursuit of readership.  Not only that, but upon my inquiry as to whether or not she had read my blog she responded with, "NO!  I HAVEN'T READ YOUR STUPID BLOG, AND IT'S BECAUSE YOU KEEP ASKING ME IF I'VE READ IT!!!"  Oh how the mighty have fallen.  She FINALLY read it, and now she realizes my genius.  So much so, that she's trying to emulate me by starting her own blog.  Then she went so far as to ask me to advertise her little corner of the web on my blog.  Who's "tenacious" now, Steph?  Though all of the above is SUPER true, for the most part Stephanie is a smart and funny woman with LOTS of opinions.  Now she also has an outlet.  Click Steph's Blog to become one of her readers (and become a better person by doing so).  Word of caution:  She fancies herself an "educated smart ass", so you apparently need to prepare yourself for some sarcastic wisdom.  Please enjoy her fine work as I do.  PS If anyone else would like me to "advertise" your site/blog, just let me know!


Blogger Stephanie said...

I don't recall asking you to advertise my blog....but I do recall you offering to place a link on your website to mine. Bending the truth a bit - aren't we Mr. Pasion?? LOL...Either way thanks for the vote of support and the free publicity. And yes, I am tenacious...and a brutal smart ass....perhaps you will be the subject of one of my future blogs... Cheers! - SD

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