Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Dirty Little Parody

STAY AWAY IF YOU’RE EASILY OFFENDED. Remember this commercial parody? “HOOOOWWWWWDY!!!! Hi I’m Spike. Ya know, when I’m drivin’ down route 9W on a hot summer day, me and tha mrs. always stop at Dicken’s! Dicken’s Fruit Stand! They got everthang from fruit to veggies to homemade pies, but thur ain’t nuthin’ like their cider, ain’t that right, hun? (uh-huh) DICKEN’S CIDER!!! Yessirree! Why, even though we were late fer church last Sundey., she had to have a li’l Dicken’s Cider. She says thur ain’t nuthin’ like it! Even my minister says his wife likes a li’l Dicken’s Cider now and again. Why don’t you bring some home in the protective, plastic, ribbed bottle? Or… You can let it set, and have some Hard Dicken’s Cider! (uh-huh!) It’s good fer lunch, good fer dinner, and thur ain’t nuthin like wakin’ up with a Dicken’s Cider! And after a chilly winter night, who wouldn’t like to snuggle up in bed with a Hot Dicken’s Cider? Dicken’s Fruit Stand. Just off Route 9W and Country Road 69. Come only during open hours!”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Jim Dicken said...

Yeah the Dicken Cider Fruit Stand has moved to the internet.. it is now located at and has all those commercials and sells Dicken Cider Energy Drink as well as having recipes for Hot Cider and other interesting and funny anecdotes.

10:01 PM  

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